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Oxfordshire Open Thought - Consultation Response

Posted 8 weeks ago (30/07) by Theresa Goss

In response to your invitation, this is Bloxham Parish Council's input
into the consultation that you are undertaking.

Firstly, the following points are related to content from the Bloxham
Neighbourhood Development Plan -

1. Developers should pay proper regard to low-carbon connectivity,
improving it wherever practicable, and including the provision of
adequate on-site parking for new build properties.

2. All new properties should have provision for electric vehicle
charging points.

3. To improve water efficiency, all new housing development should be
designed in line with the prevailing maximum water usage guidelines.

4. Developments should not increase flood risks.

5. Housing must meet the needs of all ages of residents, including
pensioners who may need downsizing options.

6. Proposals incorporating new live-work developments, which combine
living and small scale employment space, should be encouraged. This
would also include the provision of digital communications

7. There should be protection for important existing recreational areas
from development.

8. New developments should not adversely affect existing Conservation
area designations, key street scenes and views, especially with regard
to rural heritage character.

In addition we would like to put forward the following suggestions -

Public Rights of Way need to be protected, and Permissive paths that are
made available for public use long term should become public

City, town and village centres should have regular (perhaps quarterly)
air quality tests, with pre-planned measures that can be quickly
implemented to reduce readings deemed too high, such as traffic
restrictions and speed limit reductions.

Rural areas in particular need to have more regular and frequent bus
services, together with the reintroduction of train lines and services
where they have previously been lost, as dictated by need.

Vastly improved low-carbon transport strategies where cycling and
pedestrian provision takes priority over vehicles.

Identify and develop specific areas for biodiversity enhancement,
combined with a sustained program of tree-planting.

Reintroduction of specific faunal species in appropriate locations
judged beneficial to the habitat, for example beavers and lynx.

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