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Footpaths in Bloxham

Posted 22 weeks ago (25/04) by Theresa Goss

As residents are aware, the permissive footpath near The Ridgeway, which formed part of the short Circular Walk in Bloxham has been closed by the land owner.  This closure is due to some walkers continually ignoring the warning signs and refusing to keep their dogs on leads in the fields.  Walkers should have been using the permissive footpath to get from A to B but were instead using the fields as an exercise area for their dogs. 


This resulted in uncollected dog mess around the field which poses serious health problems for any livestock and also contaminates the grass when it is cut and waiting for bailing. 


Dogs have also been known to frighten animals which risks causing them to abort, as well as animals being attacked.


In addition, at the far end of The Ridgeway, past the Yew Tree Farm Industrial Estate, walkers had used another footpath across a different piece of land which took a route to the old water tower.  This footpath has also now been closed by the land owner because this crosses arable fields and the crops were being damaged.  This is not a public right of way and had been available to walkers at the goodwill of the land owner.


There have been numerous warnings and polite requests over the last couple of years for walkers to respect the countryside and the farmers, but this has not happened. 


Therefore, in both of these instances, the minority have sadly spoilt it for the majority of responsible walkers and for the moment, both of these footpaths remain closed. The Parish Council will be discussing this matter further at the next meeting on Monday 4 May 2020.

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