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Summary of Proposed New Development in Bloxham

Posted 36 weeks ago (26/09) by Theresa Goss

Proposed new development of 95 houses for South Newington Road, Bloxham


Gladman Development Limited, the land promoter, has submitted outline a planning application (ref 19/01705/OUT) for 95 houses to be built on land surrounding the Rec in Bloxham. This quick summary explains what is going on.

Who is Gladman?

Gladman is a land promoter, the most successful in the country in its own words and experts at pushing through applications in the face of local resistance. Land promoters make their money by getting outline planning permission for major developments and then getting paid for it by the eventual builders, whoever they may be. Wellington Park on Barford Road was a Gladman application, which was then passed on to Bovis to actually develop the site. It is important to note that much of the documentation produced by Gladman in the application covers nothing more than ‘proposals’.

What is being proposed?

The proposal is to surround the Recreation Ground with a new residential estate comprising of up to 95 houses, with the only vehicular access being to/from the A361. Not only does the site wrap the Rec, but it finishes up adjacent to the Slade nature reserve and district wildlife site.

Note that only site access (from A361) is the only part of the Gladman proposals that is not reserved. What this means is that all the rest are simply suggestions. As an example, the Gladman documentation shows a site layout with houses at one end and an open green space at the other. However, a future developer would not have to build in accordance with the layout plan suggested by Gladman. 

The application can be found on the CDC planning portal at

I already commented, do I need to do so again?

Yes please. Some of the comments made in the consultation process are reflected in one of the application documents, but this was done by Gladman as part of their application. It is important for the Cherwell Planning Officer that your comments are submitted directly to Cherwell planning either on the Planning Portal (see above) or by emailing the case officer giving 19/01705/OUT as the planning reference.

What comments should I make?

Of course, this is absolutely up to you! However, if you feel strongly that the application should be rejected, it is worth bearing in mind that comments along the lines of “We don’t want any more houses, we have enough” are of limited value. It is much better to give some of the reasons in your mind why this application should be rejected, such as traffic, congestion, road safety, damaging the rural nature of the village, the Slade, lack of school places etc. The Parish Council’s objection can be viewed on CDC’s web site

How can I find out more?

You can delve into the documentation on the planning portal, but you might find the upcoming Village Meeting more helpful.  Village Meeting: Wednesday 2 October 2019 at 7pm at St. Mary’s Church, Bloxham.

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